Cookies Baked With Love

How It All Started

Where are they made?

My cookies are made from scratch in a commercial kitchen where I rent space.  These kitchens are known as food incubators.  These are amazing opportunities for people like me starting a small food business who don't want to invest in their own place until they know how well their product is going to sell.  The specific kitchen I rent from has monthly meetings and offers help to start up businesses.  

Just a Mom baking cookies

This cookie business is 9 years in the making.  Back in 2008, I was a stay at home mom to our 3 children.  I homeschooled and did a lot of baking and cooking.  I would often make cookies for my husband to take to work (he was a traveling nurse and we traveled with him).  He would always tell me how everyone remarked on how good my cookies were.  Then in 2009 he returned to the same place he had worked the prior year.  He came home after his first day telling me how everyone he came across asked if he had brought in some more of his wife's cookies.  He told me back then that I needed to start selling my cookies.  There were two problems with this: First, we were always moving every 3 to 6 months and starting a food business is not something you can do from your own kitchen in many states.  And second, I did not believe my cookies were anything special - they were just plain old chocolate chip cookies.  This continued for many years.  I returned back to work in 2010 as a traveling nurse along side my husband and we continued to travel until August 2017 when we settled down on the land we purchased 6 years ago.  When I myself started bringing in cookies to the places I worked, I experienced the cookie madness firsthand.  People often referred to them as "crack cookies" because they thought they were so addictive.  I was asked frequently when was I bringing in more.  It got to the point I realized maybe there was something to my cookies.  And now, here they are, ready to be delivered to you!
Top Quality Cookies
No Preservatives!!
My cookies are made from scratch and do not contain any added preservatives.  Because of this, your cookies must be shipped cold via priority mail.  Upon receiving them, there will be instructions for you to either place them in the freezer or the refrigerator.  Most people actually enjoy eating my cookies cold.  
There will be only a few kinds to choose from initially.  However in the upcoming months, I will be introducing new kinds of cookies that you can choose from.  You can order as many as you want or as few as you want in any assortment.  I package each cookie individually so you will know which cookie is which. In cases of large orders, cookies of the same flavor will be packaged together in one large bag.  
What People Are Saying About Our Cookies
"A caring woman who puts all her hear into her treats! I’ll never forget my first time trying them while learning from her during my external! Absolutely wonderful!" - Carroll E.

"Cookies to die for! Hard to eat just one! I think I ate one in every flavor one night - couldn’t pick a favorite because they’re all just that good! - Lakan M.

"They are definitely my favorite goodie! Hard to share and when you share with that coworker and realize doh I just gave away part of my stash! 😞 So then you have to beat away hands and find new hiding spots for those, hard to resist, same great taste after being frozen, feed the soul cookies!" - Amanda R.

"Absolute awesomeness in a bag..." - Victor J.

"LOVE crack cookies!! Like no other homemade cookies you've ever tried" - Emily J.

"Will work for cookies!!" - Diana C.

"Like heaven in your mouth. The absolute best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had! They are much different than any store bought or other homemade cookies and I can never figure out her secret ingredient but it makes them unique and scrumptious. They disappear fast so plan on ordering extra!!! They also freeze well!" - Nycki M.
  1. Just Chocolate Chip
    Just Chocolate Chip
    Our cookies are HUGE - 6 cookies are a whole pound!
  2. Candied Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Candied Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Our cookies are best eaten cold with milk!
  3. White Chocolate Chip
    White Chocolate Chip
    Our newest favorite! Check our store for more flavors!